Honoree Anthony D'Agostino

Activity During World War II

Anthony served in the Army from 1942 to 1945; 5th Army, 85th Infantry. He was a Technical Corporal. His unit disembarked in Casablanca and made their way across North Africa to Algiers. From Algiers, they joined the Navy Vessel "Florence Nightingale" which crossed the Mediterranean Sea to make landing in Naples, Italy, under enemy fire.

Anthony and his unit fought in three major military campaigns: North Apennines, Rome Arno, and Po Valley. Anthony fought in the Battle of Monte Cassino where they were constantly under heavy German fire. He was wounded in combat and received a Purple Heart during the Battle of Anzio. He and his unit continued to fight in Italy, making their way to the foothills of the Alps on the Italian-Austrian border when the war in Europe ended.

For his service to his country in World War II, Anthony was awarded: a Combat Infantry Badge, Presidential Regimental, a Purple Heart, a Bronze Star, and 3 Battle Stars.

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