PARENTS - Vaping and E-cigarettes

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Vaping and e-cigarettes are a lot alike. They both put nicotine and cancer-causing chemicals in your body. They are both highly addictive and dangerous for young people.  Nicotine in any form can cause harm to a teen's developing brain. 

E- cigarettes and vapes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and marketed specifically to young people.  E-cigarettes may be shaped like USB sticks, pens or even watches, which makes them easier for students to hide at school.  The aerosol from e-cigarettes may also include toxic chemicals.  Parents may be surprised by what e-cigarettes and vaping devices may look like.

What's in your child's backpack?


Click here for short video of common school supplies that may mask as vaping products.

How do vaping and e-cigarettes work? 


Signs of Vaping:

  • Presence of vaping equipment or related product packaging
  • Unusual online purchases or packages
  • The scent is faint, but you may catch a whiff of flavoring like bubble gum or chocolate cake
  • Increased thirst or nose bleeds
  • Decreased caffeine use
  • Use of vaping lingo in text messages or on social media
  • Appearance and/or behavior changes
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What about USB drives and JUUL?


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