How do I apply?

Complete the application and W-9 form. Return it to the office via the mailing address or email address below

  1. Click here to download a Rebate application (PDF) 
  2. Click here to download;  W-9 (PDF) form 
  3. If applying for the Low to Moderate Income Incentive, please include a copy of your most recent tax returns with your application. 

The Community Preservation Office is located at:
24 West Montauk Hwy
Hampton Bays, NY 11946
Ph: 631-287-5720

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2. How do I apply?
3. What is the maximum rebate?
4. What costs does my rebate cover?
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6. When do I get my rebate?
7. How long does it take to receive my rebate?
8. Any technical questions related to I/A system installations should be directed to the Suffolk County Office of Wastewater Management at (631) 852-5700