Why do some homeowners have a pathway through the middle of perimeter fencing?

Oceanfront homeowners have the right to access the beach from their property. Pathways are laid out to direct homeowner beach access away from any nests in that specific area.

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1. Are you following guidelines or are there rules and regulations?
2. Why as of today is everything shut off when there are no nests? There were no nests anywhere when we were all down there?
3. Why can’t you guys put snow fence down when they hatch and run it down the beach and we can continue to use each side to drive on?
4. Is there a shuttle to bring people down to the beach from the parking lot?
5. Why do some homeowners have a pathway through the middle of perimeter fencing?
6. According to the guidelines you can do a 200-meter perimeter, if there is a monitoring organization and/or monitoring group. Why can’t monitoring groups monitor the birds so we can have a 200-linea
7. How many nests are there on the beach? Ponquogue? Tiana Beach?
8. Is it possible to move the nests?
9. Can you give us information about how many birds are in the area, and if that number is drastically up from years past?
10. Why don’t piping plovers nest on Village beaches such as Coopers Beach, in front of the Bathing Corp., or in front of the Water Mill Beach Club? Why are these beaches never closed down?
11. Are you planning on giving us a refund or rebate for the stickers that have already been purchased? Or, have you considered alternate parking areas, i.e. the parking lot you own in the Village of
12. Is there a way we can have a point of order or actually have a vote that has to do with the community that resides here?
13. Can you show the community where these nests are? And how many there are? And show us a map?
14. Why is the entire beach closed, when there are no nests?
15. Can we protect these birds with a cage? Is that considered a take? That is what other communities are doing to protect them from predators.
16. Is this the first time plovers have been in the picnic area?
17. How will you alert the public on updates on beach driving closures?