Tupper Boat House - Conscience Point

Tupper Boat House

This historic landmark in North Sea was built between 1929 and 1931 and served as a workshop for boats for the Tupper Motorcraft Boat Company before being turned into a night-club in 1959. It was also called “Conscience Point”. Southampton Town purchased the property in 2003 using Community Preservation Funds. It is now being renovated using $450,000.00 in Super Storm Sandy disaster relief funding. Tupper Boathouse was lifted in June 2020 for renovation work.  The Town also runs the marina located at Conscience Point and the walking trail to the historic marker at the tip of Conscience point. The “marker” similar to “Plymouth Rock” marks the location where the first settlers are believed to have landed. The Marina features: 20 floating dock slips, 44 bulk headed slips with electric.


2020- Tupper Boathouse is lifted for renovation work
2017  Current vision for future use of the building: museum, boat building, gallery, exhibit area, aqua culture area and education center
2017 - CPF involved as funder for restoration as well as other outside funding
2017 - Steering Committee forms 501c3 nonprofit corporation - “North Sea Maritime Center”
2017- Mid Received bids for temporary stabilization, probing, removals and roof repairs in 2017 that will allow for the design to be completed
2017- Mid Town received increased funding through grant $397,973 for elevation and stabilization
2016 - Town applied for increased funding through same hurricane sandy relief grant program when it became clear early funding would not be enough
2016 - Archeological studies done
2016 - Hazardous materials testing completed
2016 - Town contracts with Steven Tilly architect for elevation drawings
2014 -  Received $456,807 grant from New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation from hurricane sandy disaster relief for elevation and stabilization project
2014 -  Steering Committee formed for restoration efforts and future use of building.
2013 -Renovation begins on Tupper’s Boat House with grant from NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.
2013 -Capital upgrade to marina, dredging, new facilities and fueling station, public facilities with bathrooms and boat slips
2013 -Town Purchased with Community Preservation Funds