Emergency Preparedness

Dear Neighbors and Visitors,

As a coastal community, we must prepare, mentally and physically, to survive any emergency that may befall our home, whether it is a hurricane, fire, flood, or snow storm. An important priority, Southampton Town is constantly improving its own readiness through planning and hands-on exercises, both internally and by coordinating with county, state, and federal agencies.


Recognizing that preparation is our best defense, we have released a new brochure, Be Prepared. Updated, handy, and compact, the pamphlet is designed specifically for Southampton residents, with valuable information such as:

  • Important telephone numbers
  • Advice on caring for the elderly and those with special needs
  • Ensuring your pet’s safety
  • Protecting your home or business
  • Assembling a “Go Bag” and home emergency kit

Notification Systems

In addition, citizens can also register for the new MyCoast NY, SMART911, join us on Facebook and download a free Red Cross Emergency App and MyCoast NY App for their smartphone or tablet. Originally developed for Suffolk County, SMART911 is now used by local governments, schools, universities, and utilities. Facebook and Twitter will help us to send more specific and local information to “friends” and followers.” The Red Cross App can be a valuable supplement to both.

MyCoast NY: The MyCoast New York portal is used to collect and analyze photos of changing water levels, shorelines, and hazardous weather impacts across New York’s varied coasts and water bodies. Photos are linked to real-time environmental conditions to create reports that help stakeholders like government agencies, business owners, and residents understand our changing environment and make informed decisions.

I encourage you to use these resources the town has developed to assist you in keeping you and your family safe. With improved technology and better tracking, we now have the means to obtain advance notification of severe weather events, regional emergencies, and how best to prepare for them.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Town’s Emergency Management Office at 631-702-1700.

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