Vision for Historic Resources

The Vision for Historic Resources

The historic and cultural past of Southampton is integral to its sense of place and community, its economy, its attraction to visitors, and as a second home destination. For these resources to be adequately protected, this historic identity must be recognized and interwoven into the overall fabric of the town.

Water Mill Heritage Area Town of Southampton sign

Vision Goals

To achieve this Vision for its historic resources, the town established Vision Goals for historic resources in the town’s Comprehensive Plan of 1999.

These Vision Goals are:

  • Devise strategies to maintain the historic character of the town’s hamlets and rural areas emphasizing protection of historic landscapes, settings, and structures
  • Develop a historic resource preservation structure which relies on and supports hamlet-based historic preservation groups and integrates them into a town-wide strategy for protecting historic resources
  • Work with local historic preservation groups to create “Hamlet Heritage Areas” that identify significant resources
  • Identify, document, and evaluate the existing historic resources in the town
  • Establish subdivision and site planning standards to protect historic resources when the development is planned on or near historic properties
  • Link historic preservation goals and programs with other community programs including farmland preservation, open space acquisition, recreation and park development, scenic landscape/roads protection, and hamlet center conservation efforts
  • Develop a public signage program to identify the historic resources and areas in the town
  • Develop an education program that raises awareness of the rich diversity of historic resources that exist in the town
  • Integrate local historic preservation initiatives with State and Federal programs and also the work of non-profit groups
  • Provide incentives to encourage the designation and protection of historic resources
  • Establish a clear focus for the regulatory process and coordinate the roles of committees and boards working to conserve the historic resources of the town