Special Events

Attention Special Events/Parade Applicants:


The Special Event & Parade Application processes have transitioned from the Town Clerk’s Office to the Fire Marshal’s Office. As of January 1, 2022 your applications should be submitted directly to the Fire Marshal’s Office.   For additional information or questions regarding special events or the application process please email the Fire Marshal’s Office at specialevents@southamptontownny.gov , you may also call the office at 631-702-2919.

The Special Events Application Form is required for any special event, as defined in Chapter 283 Southampton Town Code, including, but not limited to, carnivals, circuses, fairs, bazaars, outdoor shows, horse shows, exhibitions, and concerts. With the adoption of the updated law, parades and events that require road closures no longer fill out a Special Event Application, but complete a separate Parade Permit Application.

Parade Applications

The Parade Application (PDF) Form is required for events such as parades, runs, walks, marathons, biking events, etc. that take place on roadways within Southampton Town. In addition to this application, Chapter 283 Southampton Town Code requires specific material to be submitted in conjunction with this form, as well as the items indicated on the application checklist provided.

Past Events

To properly complete a Special Events Permit, other permits may be required. These additional may include separate fees. Please reference the list of permits below.

Additional Department of Fire Prevention Applications

Department of Animal Control
If the event involves animals, such as a carnival, zoo, or circus, a Commercial Animal Enterprise Permit Application (PDF) will be needed. Additional information can be obtained by contacting 

Town Clerk’s Office
Filming Application Instructions (PDF)
For additional information call the Town Clerk's Office at  631-287-5740

Parks and Recreation Office
Facilities Use Permit Application (PDF)
For additional information call the Parks and Recreation Office at  631-728-8585

Beverage & Food Service
If there is any beverage and/or food service connected with the event, then a separate application must be made to the Suffolk County Department of Health Services, Food Unit. Contact them at 631-852-5873 or 631-852-5999.