Municipal Works - Energy & Sustainability


The Office of Energy and Sustainability was created to work with the Sustainability Southampton Advisory Committee to advise the Town, and assist in implementing, environmentally sustainable practices. This is primarily achieved by formulating guidelines for implementing “green” methods at Town facilities, and by assisting the Town Board in developing priorities that include potential uses of renewable resources and green building practices..

The Energy and Sustainability Office engages in the following:

  • Administers of the Southampton Green Homes Program as part of the larger Long Island Green Homes Consortium
  • Ensure that sustainability and energy-related measures approved by the Town Board are implemented.
  • Oversee the retrofit of town facilities.
  • Coordinate and run the residential energy efficiency program (REEP) and other energy-related programs to the public via the implementation of a public outreach and education campaign.
  • Liaison to the Sustainability Southampton Advisory Committee.
  • Monitor progress made by the town towards the emissions reduction targets.
  • Assist other departments in energy, transportation, and waste reduction programs.
  • Assess progress on energy savings and recommend changes to town record-keeping to help ensure that progress toward energy efficiency goals can be tracked.
  • Implement municipal educational outreach programs to explain the projects undertaken.
  • Actively seek, in conjunction with the town’s grant analyst, more grant monies to support the town’s energy-related initiative.
  • Periodically report to the Town Board on implementation progress for energy-related sustainability programs and projects.