Torre Hennessy

Torre HennessyTorre Hennessy, nominated by HUGS Inc., Torre is not only an active member of HUGS, Inc.’s Board of Directors, she is an exemplary volunteer for the Long Island Teen Institute (LITI) where she selflessly serves as a Group Facilitator. Torre is beloved by her adult peers and fellow adult volunteers at LITI, and even more by the youth participants. She works hard to ensure the youth participants are making the most out of their weekend and have a safe space to share their thoughts and feelings while they develop their leadership. Torre is a school teacher in Riverhead and has continued to invest in youth in many capacities even while she was dealing with her own health challenges. LITI is a weekend long youth leadership conference for teenagers who have the potential to be agents of change in their communities and schools. Group Facilitators are primarily responsible to; facilitate Family Group sessions, monitor dorms, attend Community Groups, and participate in and oversee free-time activities. More importantly than the job duties are the way they do them, nurturing, loving, supportive and with compassion