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Hampton Bays Business District

Hampton Bays Business District Pattern Book

In June 2016, the Town of Southampton, working with the Hampton Bays Civic Association, the Hampton Bays Economic Development Task Force and individuals within the community, designated the Hampton Bays Downtown Overlay District. 

On September 17th, 2018 the Department of Land Management gave a presentation on the evolution of creating a form-based zoning code for downtown Hampton Bays. Dubbed the “Hampton Bays Overlay District” this new zoning overlay will allow for development that is consistent with the look and feel that the community has identified in a visioning process that took place in 2017 and culminated in the creation of a Pattern Book by Historical Concepts. During that process over 1,200 people in Hampton Bays voted on their favorite building styles and weighed in on how they would like the areas surrounding Main Street to look and feel. The Pattern Book helps the revitalization effort by providing a manual that defines the “do’s and don’ts” to good building and site design. The form-based code then takes these design considerations and formulates regulations to ensure they are successfully implemented. A form-based code is organized around the type of place you’re trying to create rather than just based on land usage. Form-based codes recognize that healthy downtowns are, first of all, mixed-use places and they depend on things that have more to do with physical design, like the building-to-street relationship. The extent of the development that will be permitted within the Downtown Overlay District will be determined by the analysis that is being done as part of the Supplemental SEQRA process. This means that the Town is doing the up-front work to make sure that any and all development that is permitted will strike a suitable balance between social, economic and environmental factors. The first Town Board public hearing for the creation of the opt-in Overlay District is expected to be held in early December, with a final vote anticipated for February 2020.


2020 – February  Vote on SEQRA Findings and adoption of HBDOD Zoning Overlay District  (TBR 2020-288

2020 – January 14th Notice of Completion of Final Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (TBR 2020-110)

2019 – August 2nd - End of Written Comment Period

2019 – July 23rd at 6:00 Third Combined Hearing Held and Closed with additional 10-day written comment period

2019 – June 25th at 1:00 pm  Second Combined Public Hearing Held with Comment Period to July 8th

2019 – June 11th at 1:00pm First Combined Public Hearing on the Form Based Code and Supplemental GEIS

2019 – May 14th Town Board deems Supplemental GEIS adequate and sets combined public hearing on SEQRA and Form Based Code

2018 – September,  An Update on the Form-Based Code & Market Analysis Results
2017 – July, Town staff preparing recommendations for Town Board consideration.
2017 – June, Hampton Bays Final Pattern Book. 2017 - April, Anticipated presentation of pattern book to the Town Board.
2017 – April, Consultant report completed
2017 – January, Data gathering and survey results and findings presented at a second community forum and at work sessions with the Town Board and Planning Board.
2016 – December, Online preference survey conducted. 1,222 individual and unique respondents participated in the online survey.
2016 – November, Meetings with stakeholders and community outreach and visioning forum.
2016 – October, Data gathering phase commenced, conducting site visits, precedent tours and stakeholder meetings.
2016 – August, Town Board authorized entering into a contract with Historical Concepts to prepare the Pattern Book.
2016 – July, Bid proposals received and reviewed.
2016 – June, Request for Proposals (RFP) issued by Town Board for the preparation of a Pattern Book for the Overlay District