Pine Beetle Task Force Advisory Committee

Pine Beetle Task Force Advisory Committee works cooperatively with the Central Pine Barrens Commission to reduce and hopefully eliminate the pine beetle population.

The southern pine beetle, a species endemic to the southern United States and recently discovered in New York and on Long Island, including within the Town, kills native pitch pine, one of the dominant tree species within the Central Pine Barrens, Suffolk County and the Town.

Due to its adverse effects, the southern pine beetle poses a serious threat to the ecological quality of the Town as it has the potential to cause widespread destruction of significant portions of the forested areas of the Town.

The potential resulting widespread destruction of native trees may cause the demise of significant wildlife habitats and the loss of the many beneficial biological services and habitats provided by forests within the Town.


Pine Beetle Task Force Advisory Committee for a five (5) year term expiring December 31, 2021:

  • Marty Shea, Chief Environmental Analyst
  • Kristen Doulos, Parks Director
  • Christine Fetten, Director of Municipal Works
  • Kyle Collins, Town Planning and Development Administrator
  • Laura Smith-CPF, Principal Environmental Analyst
  • Frank Zappone, Deputy Supervisor
  • Alex Gregor, Highway Superintendent

Town Board Liaisons

  • Jay Schneiderman, Supervisor, ex-officio
  • John Bouvier, Councilman, ex-officio